What is it?

  • The VICS-OA Secure Access Gateways enables an organisation to operate a highly secure online voice biometric authentication system with a minimum of 2 factors of authentication, one factor being a user’s voice biometric identifier. The system applies language-independent voice biometric technology embodied in a patented system called Voice-Biometric Integrated Cloud Security (VICS) Gateway, developed and owned by Ack3 Bionetics Pte Limited.

Where can this system be used?

  • The system can be usedin banks that offeronline transactions and payments whereultra-high security is required to authenticate the user and where it is absolutely necessary that a user cannot repudiate his action. The system includes easy-to-operate audit trails with its digital voice signature approach to recording all document transactions.

How does the system fit into my existing setup?

  • A Web based template is provided so that the customer’s existing Web portals can be interfaced easily and securely.

VICS OA Diagram


  • Highly secure remote user access to access an online payment gateway
  • Fast, completes in a few seconds
  • No complex passwords to remember No extra device to carry
  • Works with any standard telephone or cell phone
  • All transactions have full accountability and users cannot repudiate the transaction.
  • Minimizes corporate liability
Key Technical Features

  • HTTP-based interface for secure authentication offload
  • Integrates easily with customer’s existing web site/portal for document access
  • Integrated telephony to make calls to any phone
  • Voice Biometric as one factor of authentication
  • Phone as second factor of authentication
  • 3-factor authentication in 1 touch
  • Audit trail with play back by manager
  • Quad-core Intel Xeon server with dual hardware redundancy.
System Capacity Configuration

  • Each VICS system is custom-loaded with Ack3 VICS Gateway software, completely integrated and customised before shipment. The systems hardware and software can be configured to scale to millions of users.Such configurations are sized with adequate telephony and computer network resources.
  • Application Programming Interface (API) for Partners and Enterprise Customers are available.