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About Us

We are a Singapore-based innovator in the network security domain. We have reinvented network security, anchored on voice biometrics as a key security factor. We have developed the 3FID VICS Authentication/Identification Gateway as an advanced security platform.

Ack3 has development centres in Singapore and Silicon Valley. We are ready to implement our solutions to businesses and organisations (such as banks) that must offer multiple times better security than what they can offer today, with a significant reduction in operational cost.

Traditionally, the more secure a networked system is, the more difficult it is to access and use. But we believe that security does not have to come at the expense of simplicity and ease of use. Unlike existing solutions, 3FID VICS is faster, more user-friendly, and orders of magnitude more secure. By combining the unique property of the human voice – the ability to convey information of a textual or verbal nature – with advanced telephony software, we offer security solutions that are intuitive, quick, and as a result.

Our identified potential customers and partners see our current position as a strong, unique, and disruptive entrant into the network security arena.